Insurance Plans That Protect Your Phone

Since the invention of technology, many innovations have come up, and mobile phones are one of the greatest and leading innovations that almost everybody uses. The revolution in the types of phones being made has also been improving over the years, and right now, we are in the age of using smartphones and sometimes referred to as “small computers”. Because of this, their value has increased, and insurance companies have found a way to offer mobile phone insurance that takes covers the phone against loss, damage, or theft. With different policies present, the insurance would also cover repairs, replacement of a phone, brand new phones, and offering refurbished ones. Though it is something that not many people consider or are interested in, it is essential for those who own valuable and expensive phones since their phones are at a high risk of being stolen or damaged. Some of the are not covered by phone insurance include intentional damage, lost sim cards, wear and tear from using your phone, theft or loss because of carelessness, and cosmetics damages such as scratches to the phone. If your handset is stolen or damaged, it is important to report the ordeal to the company offering the insurance when it happens. Some other companies would want you to report the incident to the police first in a duration of time, mostly 24 hours or even less. To understand more about phone insurance, visit online opinion or the post office home insurance reviews. Below are some of the plans you can take to protect your smartphone.

1. Protect your bubble.

It is a type of phone insurance plan that takes Care of your phone from daily usage, resulting in the phone getting damaged accidentally, which may include liquid damage and technical and mechanical issues. Moreover, this type of plan also protects you against lost phones and theft. Another perk of this type of plan is that it gives you credit monitoring services in case of theft so that you can be able to keep track of your personal information and data as you wait for a replacement or repair.

2. Asurion.

Asurion concentrates on replacement, claiming to provide a replacement within 24 hours of filing a claim. Other mobile providers, including major wireless carriers, sell the Asurion device protection bundle. Accidental and mechanical damages, including liquid and physical damage and loss and theft, are covered by the insurance. You can also include accessories, such as earbuds and car chargers, in your coverage. You have the option to discontinue Asurion’s plan at any time and receive a prorated refund of your monthly price. If your phone is misplaced or stolen, Asurion software will allow you to lock it remotely and find it.

3. Geek squad.

Geek Squad’s protection options include Geek Squad’s 24/7 help. The advanced plan covers incidental damage from handlings, such as drops and spills, while the basic plan does not. Both plans feature a one-time battery replacement, a one-time accessory replacement, and mechanical failure coverage – with no deductibles. However, you must purchase your phone from Best Buy to be eligible for Geek Squad protection. Geek Squad protection is only available for older phones if they are still within the product-specific return policy period.

4. Dsquared.

Dsquared has two plan options for the iPhone and other handsets. The first tier comprises ordinary damage and accident coverage, while the second tier adds supplementary insurance against theft and loss and data security. Each plan contains three claims, each with $1,000 in coverage. Dsquared will cover iPhones less than 30 days old and smartphones less than 90 days old.

5. Protect CELL

Protect CELL provides three different types of plans to meet various demands. Aside from insurance against accidents and damage, Protect CELL also provides identity recovery and personal information protection. Anyone can use the Basic Plan for free to secure their data and personal information.

6. Go Care.

Accidental damage, water damage, and chronic usage failure are all covered undergo Care policies. Go Care will also cover any phone, regardless of age, as long as it is still completely functional and has not been repaired previously. Although each plan covers unlimited repair claims, Go, Care will only replace your phone once.

7. SquareTrade.

SquareTrade provides a comprehensive range of protection plans for all devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, cameras, and even televisions. Drops, spills, mechanical problems, display failures, broken ports, and other faults are covered under the plan for cellphones. SquareTrade will also guarantee your older phones, and you can even mail your gadget to a local facility for free to be repaired.

Conclusively, the above are some of the plans that you can take to protect your phone under phone insurance.

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