How do insurance companies earn money?

You might want to start an insurance company and you want to know how profitable it is to start an insurance company. Hence, you want to know their sources of income and how viable it is. It might also be that you want to register an insurance policy, but you want to be sure that you won’t have problems with the insurance policy when you finally need to make a claim. This article will discuss the major ways through which insurance companies make their money.

Payment of Premiums

The major way that insurance companies make their money is through premiums. Imagine an insurance company that has 10,000 customers that pay a premium of 50 USD per month, the implication is that they are getting 500,000 USD every month from premium. However, it could be that at the end of the month, the actual premium they have to pay is about 320,000 USD. They might have also had to spend 50,000 USD for running the company during the period. Hence, their total expenses will be around 370,000 USD while their profit for that month will be 130,000 USD. The implication is that insurance companies make money by making sure the premium they get from their customers exceed the amount for claims they have to pay.


Insurance companies put a percentage of the money that comes in from premiums into investments. The purpose of the investments is to earn profit over some time. Hence, insurance companies put money on stocks and other investments they believe are profitable. Since they are a part of the financial companies, they have some professionals who can analyse the market properly and determine the best stock to put money in. However, just like every other person or organization that invest, there are chances that the investment could fail. If that happens and they lose money, they might hike their premiums, thereby transferring the premiums to their customers. This is part of why you should read about insurance companies on as reviews will help you know the insurance companies that are reputable and does not increase premiums regularly.

Cash value cancellation

When you start paying your premium and the insurance companies put the money into investments, they start earning money from your premium. However, there is a window that allows an individual or company being insured to cancel their insurance. The cancellation will require the insurance company paying some money to the individual or organization that wants to cancel their insurance. In most cases, what the insurance company will have to pay will just be in the line of the total interest that they have made from the money you paid as premium over time. With the cancellation, you can no longer make a claim and they have been able to make a profit by keeping your account for some time.

In conclusion, there are many ways through which insurance companies make money. Hence, a reliable insurance company should be able to comfortably pay your claim when all the other factors are within your policy. They should also not close down or go bankrupt if they have good management.

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